FaceTime, Zoom/TheraLINK

Seeing clients online has proven to be a functional method to initiate positive change and to continue ongoing life improvement. Many clients choose to alternate between office visits and FaceTime/Skype. Either way, the therapeutic effectiveness of consistency remains and additional stressors like traffic are eliminated.

Using hypnotherapy and CBT, as well as techniques borrowed from mindfulness, including breathwork, meditation and positive psychology I am able to successfully treat most behavioral issues. In a controlled home or office environment, your 1 hour session will not only leave you relaxed and more knowledgeable about your own behavior, it will help you to continue to progress in a healthy and functional direction with a new outlook. 

Common issues treated:

anxiety - stress - addiction - insomnia - bruxism - tinnitus - social phobias - fear of flying - smoking cessation - self esteem - motivation - confidence - depression - anger - nail biting - hoarding - fear of heights, water, and closed spaces.