"I help people shift their perspective so challenges become
opportunities and insight and inner wisdom
lead the way."


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My Office

My office provides a comfortable environment located in Brentwood, just two minutes off the 405 freeway near Santa Monica. Your 1 hour session will leave you relaxed and with a fresh perspective.

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FaceTime, Zoom/TheraLINK

Online sessions are not only common, they are easy, productive and convenient for those with busy schedules or special circumstances.

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At Your Home or Office

Discreet sessions at your home or office might be a good choice for you. Whether working on cognitive aspects for personal growth, stress management or habit control the same quality of experience is achieved.

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 John Sahakian is a gifted therapist, hypnotherapist and counselor. John employed various methods to calm my anxiety and lower my stress including Three Circle Flow, hypnotherapy and spiritual principles and practice. Through John’s Three Circle Flow I am now able to bring peace to my body and mind no matter what the situation. His methods have put me back in control of my thoughts, feelings and enviornment. I have been blessed to also work with John on a spiritual practice which begins with the calming effects of Three Circle Flow. John is a caring and loving man who instantly puts you at ease. His insight into the body, mind and spirit enables him to diagnose and treat any situation. I highly recommend John. JB. Yelp.com, 

J.B. Yelp.com

 A fellow athlete suggested I meet with John Sahakian to discuss and improve my race strategies. As a triathlete, I rely on mental and emotional strength as well as physical endurance. At some point over the past few years I developed a fear of open water swimming. John spent the first session with me to assess my goals and learn what I hoped to accomplish in this year of racing. We then spent a few additional sessions working through pre-race relaxation exercises, open water swim strategies, and visualization techniques. This race season has proven to be my best so far. I just competed in the Hawaii 70.3 Ironman and achieved a PR by taking 15 min off my 1.2 mile swim time. THAT’S HUGE !!! I really owe that accomplishment to John. He helped me achieve my goals ten-fold. I have also used the discovered techniques in other aspects of my life. John Sahakian, C,Ht. is THE therapist and I recommend him highly. Stacy T. Yelp.com, 

Stacy T. Yelp.com

 I came to John the first time – smoking, drinking, stressed and ragged. Mama if you could see me now. Two years later – I’m smokeless, seldom drinker, calm and together. I’m so grateful for not only the work in the office, but teaching me the tools to do what I need to do several times a day, and keep it all together in a healthy way. Full of gratitude for the work that he does and the person that he is. Still going back once or twice a month to keep on track and hear about strategies that I can incorporate into my current lifestyle. Love. Renee H. Yelp 

Renee H. Yelp.com

 I saw John Sahakian with the hope that he could help me deal with a specific phobia. He creates a safe and supportive environment and is a very rational, intelligent and warm person. The process felt organic and blew away any pre-conceived notion I may have had about hypnotherapy. My work with John helped me over a major hurdle. I would refer him highly. K.S. J K. Yelp.com, 

J.K. Yelp.com

 John Sahakian C.Ht. is a skilled therapist. I contacted him, because I hoped hypnotherapy would help me with stress related issues (anxiety, depression). I felt an immediate improvement after the first session and each session that followed builds on the previous. I’ve been to other therapists in the past, but no one has helped me as quickly and effectively. He’s helping me make important changes in my life and the result is pretty amazing. If there’s anything in your life you want to improve, I highly recommend you go see him! 

Melissa S. Yelp.com

My Office

My office provides a comfortable environment located in Brentwood on San Vicente Blvd. just two minutes from the 405 freeway. Your 1 hour session will leave you relaxed and with a fresh perspective.

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FaceTime, Zoom/TheraLINK

Online sessions are not only common, they are easy, productive and convenient for those with busy schedules or special circumstances.

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Sessions In Your Home or Office

Discreet sessions at your home or office might be a good choice for you and your partner. Whether working on communication skills, organizing boundaries, or intimacy, you will feel sessions have been productive and enlightening.

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Corporate Mindfulness & Stress Reduction image
Choose to powerfully impact your workplace culture by featuring a 1 hour experience in Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. Your large or small group will be guided on a journey of stress relief, mind clearing, and inspiration, enhancing focus, creativity and communication.

Add Mindfulness Education to create a half day (3 hour) experience. Participants will learn practical tools based on the 3 Pillars that creates Professional Harmony: Pure Understanding - Positive Emotional Impact - Advanced Productivity.

At the end of the day your staff will not only feel great they will be inspired to share their experience with family and friends.

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Simple anxiety and stress relief exercises that have changed thousands of lives.

  • 12011 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 408 Los Angeles, CA, USA
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John has been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Relationship Counselor & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, Stress Management Consultant, and Meditation Teacher for over a decade. He has worked in the health & wellness field for over two decades as a Transformational Breathing Therapist, and Certified Yoga Teacher. John developed mindfulness based stress reduction programs for corporations, hotel chains and doctor facilitated wellness retreats. He teaches weekly guided meditation classes at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles and is featured on their app. John has appeared as a behavioral expert on Dr. Phil, CBS and CNN, and teaches in the special needs community. He participates with Surfer’s Healing, Therasurf, and The Ed Asner Family Center sharing Stress Reduction skills.

John founded Three Circle Flow ™, which grew from his extensive interest in the psychology of breath and offers a unique and proven approach to therapy, counseling and mentorship that inspires lasting positive change in your life.

A native of Los Angeles, he is no stranger to the effects of environmental stress. By combining age-old practices and techniques, with contemporary scientific information he provides the tools needed to help clients manage stress more effectively, which he feels ultimately helps every area of life. He is a member of The American Hypnosis Association, and the American Counseling Association. Currently practicing under business and professions code 2908 Vocational & avocational self improvement. 

Psychology Today member in good standing.

What is Hypnotherapy?

"Hypnotherapy" begins the moment we first connect and engage in a dialogue. My goal is to create more openess psychologically toward self-empowerment and control. A positive life experience starts with how we perceive that experience. From the moment I become aware of your presenting issue I go to work on influencing your thought processes. This is not about any form of mind control. It's about you becoming liberated from self-limiting beliefs. The process starts long before you're ever hypnotized or put another way, guided into a "suggestible" state.

The subconscious mind is considered to be the source or root of many of our behaviors, emotions, attitudes and choices. During hypnotherapy, the moment the session begins the aim is to encourage positive change to enhance your life. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious mind and creating dramatic life improvements. Using simple hypnotic techniques, you are guided into an altered state of awareness most find exceptionally relaxing. Based on the preceding cognitive discussion, suggestions are given in conjunction with imagery to influence your inner voice and the images you spontaneously produce.

Hypnotherapy can help you with the following…


•Agoraphobia •Addiction
•Anxiety/worry •Bruxism (teeth grinding at night)
•Childbirthing (painless) •Confidence/self esteem
•Exam nerves •Family problems
•Motivation problems •Nail Biting
•Nervousness •Pain control
•Panic attacks •Phobias
•Post Traumatic Stress •Public Speaking
•Injury Rehabilitation •Relationship problems
•Sleep disorders •Smoking Cessation
•Sports Performance •Stage fright
•Stress •Travel Fears

Three Circle Flow Hypnotherapy

Private practice under business and professions code 2908 vocational and avocational self improvement.